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Ora Cevallos

Ora Cevallos

First Director | Editor

A firm believer in Self-Expression and Personal Development, Ora’s passion is to positively impact individuals to further their development through different forms of media, for example, film, music, and images to name a few. She has experience in vocal performance, directing, scriptwriting, painting/drawing and other creative mediums, and possess a wide array of talents that provides a holistic approach to the arts.

She has seen the positive impact of such artistic works Ora has participated in. One such example was a professional production of Spring Awakening. The production allowed the community, as well as individuals, to open a discussion on the controversial issues the play dealt with, caused a positive self reevaluation, and a new view on how they act and react in the world. Whether to provide a laugh, approach controversial topics, or simply to entertain a hungry mind, Ora uses all forms of media to delight the audience and better herself.

Ora Cevallos is our sound designer, artist, assistant director, and principle talent. A jack of all trades, she is an essential member of the team. She sings, draws, directs, acts, plays several instruments, and writes. There isn‘t anything the we could throw at her that she wouldn’t be able to pick up and learn.

Connor Dillon

Connor Dillon

First Assistant Director | Assistant Editor

Born in California, raised in Chattanooga, and living in Texas, Connor Dillon has a story but prefers to tell others. A lifelong fan of video games, movies, rock music, and books, his youth was split between wanting to be a geologist, an archeologist, a video game designer, and a professional lego builder.

All of that changed when Connor start doing media production in high school, and it soon became his focus at college. But he wasn’t just satisfied with that- he studied History and Geography too, connecting them to different ideas, theories, and people. All he studied in school and on the job joined together to provide him with skills in research, writing, and development. This broad knowledge and skill base is connected by his personal mission to tell stories that are hidden, have been ignored, and have not yet been discovered.

A sometimes-witty and always fascinated individual, Connor Dillon supports the team with a strong base in videography and marketing. He is always ready to step in where ever needed behind the camera and sometimes even in front. Connor also works as a writer, with a couple of feature length screenplays under his belt.