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Paid Publications

Millennials! Your Secret Weapon to Kick Ass in the Marketplace

By Brett Dillon

Do you struggle to lead Millennials? Do you look at your Millennial workforce and wonder how on earth you can win in your marketplace? Do you feel stuck with a generation of workers who just can’t get it together?

This insightful and entertaining book will teach you how to win in your marketplace with a secret weapon: your Millennials!

I teach you how to turn your Millennials into a kick ass team through 3 workplace interventions.

If you are like many business leaders and managers, you struggle with how to recruit employees who are engaged with their work, retain talented employees, increase productivity, help your people gain rare and valuable skills, establish a culture of accountability, and most of all— how to turn your Millennial workforce into your secret weapon to win!

A Question of Character

By Brett Dillon

A Question of Character takes a look at the different systems of ethics and what it means to be an ethical person.

Ductwork: A Guide to Proper Installation and Sealing

By Brett Dillon

A quick guide to the proper installation and sealing of ductwork.

The Fat Bastard’s Guide to Residential Construction

By Brett Dillon

A guidebook to residential construction. This book covers the basics of energy all the way through ductwork and installation. It is an essential guide for everyone in the industry.

Fiberglass Insulation: A Guide to Proper Installation

By Brett Dillon

A quick guide to the proper installation of fiberglass insulation.

HERS Rating Field Inspector

By Brett Dillon

A textbook that covers everything you need to know to becoming the best HERS Rating Field Inspector. We will examine all aspects of the industry as well as what you need to know when going out into the field.

Home Energy Rating Systems

By Brett Dillon

A textbook so you can join the fight for energy independence. Become a Home Energy Rater today. This textbook includes everything you need to know about the industry and what to do once you get out in the field.

Home Energy Rating Systems Industry Business Models

By Brett Dillon

A look at the business models that are within the Home Energy Rating Systems industry.

HVAC Sizing: A Guide to Properly Sizing Residential Equipment

By Brett Dillon

A quick guide to properly sizing residential equipment.

The Problem With Education

By Alyssa Tieman

We have an education problem that goes even further than budget cuts. We are teaching for jobs that no longer exist. Passion is what is missing from the classroom.

Residential HVAC Design, Installation, and Commissioning

By Brett Dillon

Guide to Residential HVAC Design, Installation, & Commissioning provides guidance for architects, builders, HVAC contractors, and energy raters on best practices for design, installation, and commissioning to ensure comfortable, healthy, and durable energy efficient homes.

Free Publications

Is the HERS Index(tm) Bad Data?

By Brett Dillon

Data that is reliable, shows a variation in the real world, and is valid is good data for decision making. Data that doesn’t do that is useless at best and harmful at worst.

So what is the HERS Index(tm)?

Is Duct Sealing Cost Effective?

By Brett Dillon

Ducts deliver the comfort homeowners expect in their home. The old saying is that tighter ducts mean better performance and lower bills. But there are other side effects that come with duct sealing, especially in existing homes.

It begs the question: is duct sealing cost effective?

How You Can Become a Certified Energy Rater

By Connor Dillon

The process to become a Certified Energy Rater can be complicated, confusing, and, quite frankly, frustrating. This guide provides detailed answers to the questions you’ve got rolling around in your head.

Not only that…but it also gives you some great questions to ask the trainers you might be looking at.