Short Films

We love to tell stories- and we will work with you to craft your story into a short film. Our team at Skaldic Media has a background in dramatic media, allowing us to work across mediums to produce a short film representative of your work.

Dead in the Dark  is a short film sprung from a nightmare in which a group of friends go visit a remote cabin in Texas. After having some fireside fun, things start to get strange. It seems these friends aren’t alone.

A group of friends get together after a long, long time apart for lunch. Unfortunately – no one knows what they want to eat!

A Bite to Eat is a short film full of good natured fun, delicious food, and blood-covered faces. The concept behind the short film was simple- what happens when a group of vampires get together for dinner? How does their conversation differ from a group of humans meeting for lunch? We got together and wrote the short, casted local talent, and filmed it on the perfect, overcast day. After all, you wouldn’t see vampires out under the sun!

When you try to do something cheaply, you tend to have problems. Building Blocks is a short film that shows you the side effect of cheap work.

What happens when you genetically modify grain so everyone with wheat allergies can enjoy all our favorite grain-based foods?

This short film concept is the forerunner to a longer project. While genetically modified food has allowed more and more foodstuff to be produced- there is a cost. There are indications that as we’ve genetically modified food, their nutritional content had decreased. We can produce more food in more varied climate zones, but we have to eat more of it to get the nutrients we need to maintain our optimal health. Grainz is a a fanciful take on genetic modification of food- after all, who doesn’t like a good piece of bread?

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