How to Attract the Right People to Your Project

Successful Filmmaking requires people. People? Yes. People.
-people to star in your productions
-People for your crew
-People to promote and support you through the process
-and the people that is your audience
Watch as Brett Dillon discusses How to Attract the Right People to Your Project

The Importance of Getting Good: How Experience Reveals the Hidden Things

Experience is very important. Not only does it help you get good but it also reveals to you hidden things you can use to your advantage in any situation. It helps you refine your intuition and opens you to more opportunities.

Respecting Your Audience

Your audience is your greatest asset and must be respected. The only reason the film making industry has lasted this long is because of them. Watch as Dina discusses Respecting Your Audience.

I have a steady camera hand because….

The greatest training I ever had for camera work came from marching band. What? How is that so? There was no camera involved in marching band. Marching band is strenuous. You have to perform an 8 minute show. March around the field, staying within the lines, hitting your spots, watching the drum major while watching […]