Oh Captain, My Captain: A Family Affair

Family: Some people never find it, some only hope to.

The fact is, little bits and pieces of family can be found in all different things and people, outside of blood relatives. It can be found in anything from a favorite class you may have taken to a weekly karaoke bar you may go to. It is the atmosphere of acceptance and support that gives you the sense of family.

This weekend I was able to once again return to an environment I have always felt the embrace of family, you guessed it, a convention. Through all the fuss and ornate guise, what it boils down to is a bunch of weirdos embracing what makes them happy. The one thing some people seem to forget that aren’t normally a part of this scene is that there are no rules (besides) not being a brute and putting down others). In other words, it doesn’t have to be restricted to one certain “fandom.” Your interests can be your own.

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Let’s Talk About Characters

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you watch the shows you watch?

You might say because:

  • the story is awesome (engaging concept)
  • it’s funny (comedy)
  • I like Natalie Dormer! (actor/actress draw)
  • Titus Andromedon is the best! (character draw)
  • “Game of Thrones” kills my soul (emotional attachment)

These are all valid. And they are all connected by the most important reason you watch a show: The characters.

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Miltos is my Spirit Guide

Conventions have recently become a hobby for me. I began a few years ago when a friend invited me to go. The excitement, and frustration, that comes with the whole journey is one that is always appreciated in hindsight. This past weekend brought the nerdy rush once more, however with new privileges. This time we were able to get press badges allowing us to record panels and personally interview a few of the celebrity guests. With this newly acquired superpower I got to meet a man I am now proud to consider my spirit guide.

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