The Importance of Getting Good: How Experience Reveals the Hidden Things

Experience is very important. Not only does it help you get good but it also reveals to you hidden things you can use to your advantage in any situation. It helps you refine your intuition and opens you to more opportunities.

99.9% of Voice Acting is Acting

In one of the first drama classes I had ever taken, a phrase was drilled into my head: “99.9% of acting is Reacting.” This means one should always be paying attention to what is actually taking place in the scenarios, the moment and lines before, and every little thing that contributes to the reality of performing a scene. For every anime convention I attend, there is always one question that is asked: “How do I become a voice actor?” This weekend at Ikkicon in Austin, was no different. However, my favorite thing about this question is that the answer from the voice actors is the exact same, every time.

“In order to be a voice actor, you must first be an actor.”

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