King & Queen at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2016

Skaldic Media had the pleasure of attending the 2016 edition of the Texas Renaissance Festival during the Highland Fling weekend.

We met many talented performers and craftsmen. From exciting escape artists to athletes of great strength, the Renaissance Festival had much to offer attendees. With a pouch full of gold, you could approach numerous booths to purchase handmade goods of leather, glass, and more. You can find practice blades, beautiful glass decorations, and corsets for all sizes (man or woman) while you stroll through the beautiful grounds.

In fact, you can catch a glimpse of how things were made. The resident glassblower and blacksmiths perform shows, giving you a view into the past that is being kept alive through their works. You can watch prints being made as they were in the 15th Century, and even step up to create your own!

Visit the Texas Renaissance Festival, and find more information about the faire here!

Sherry Kessler, a blacksmith.

Scott Boswell, flute maker.

Pinocchio Robert, procurer of chairs.

Oskar Hasselhoff, master of defense.

Mark Carboni, barrel producer.

Mario Mitri, pirate extraordinaire.

Leslie Taber, HollowEarth Swordworks.

Lelia Chamberlan, corset designer.

Kent Shelton, jouster of uncertain origin.

Jodi Blove, glass crafter and human torch.

James Fortner, jouster from a certain origin.

Dennis Reyna, Gutenberg Press print maker.

Dakota Granados, secret assassin and expert knife-thrower.

Brian “Visker” Mahaney, quill-maker.

Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, author of wildly inappropriate poetry.

Amber Levrich, master of kilts and garments.

Alan Ward, brewmaster and genius.

Alan Kloss, wand-hawker and non-Muggle.

Adam Winrich, fire whip master and world-record holder.

Highland Highlights, featured footage of the Texas Renaissance Festival 2016 Highland Games.

The Texas Renaissance Festival 2016, exclusive footage from the grounds of TRF.

The Great Rondini, an escape artist of international renown.

Fire Whip Show, coverage of the fantastic spectacle of flaming whips and danger!

Victoria Gautier, Storm Leather Works entrepreneur.