The City of Seguin and Skaldic Media partnered to produce the official branding video of Seguin. This video features local restaurants, cultural organizations, and sites, and focuses on the people and businesses of the town.

These subjects include:

  • Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, a local cultural organization which teaches youth and teenagers traditional folk dance and music.
  • Seguin Brewing Co., one of the burgeoning craft beer breweries in Texas and soon to be moving into a downtown location.
  • The Power Plant Texas Grill, a restaurant and bar housed in the historic Power Plant located on the Guadalupe River.
  • The Seguin Public Library, a beautiful new library housing tens of thousands of books and plenty of nooks and crannies to enjoy them in.
  • Rave Gears, a manufacturer of high-end gears for use in a variety of industries.

And more!

At Skaldic Media, our goal was to tell the story of the city, through the lenses of the various subjects. Each person, organization, or company had a different concept of what this city meant to them, and we used their perspective. They all wrote it down and proudly held it for all to see. Some of these messages include, “Real Seguin is fellowship with friends and family,” and, “Real Seguin is local views with local brews.”

We hope that this will be the first of several videos telling the story of the people that make up this town what it is.

About Seguin, Texas

Seguin is small enough to have a friendly feeling. A town where tree-lined streets are graced by Queen Anne mansions, charming bungalows, and other comfortable homes.

A community of neighborhoods where families live among people of all incomes, ages, and backgrounds. Here good public schools are a proud tradition. And a fine park stretches along the beautiful Guadalupe River.

Seguin is big enough to boast a top-rated university and a state-of-the-art hospital. Over 25,000 folks here enjoy a range of cultural, recreational, and employment opportunities.

Our robust diversified economy features a steelmaker, a manufacturer of automotive parts, and plants making roadside mowing equipment and building materials. In 2009, Seguin was proud to be selected by Caterpillar as the site of a major new engine manufacturing facility.

The community of Seguin was established in 1838 by members of Mathew Caldwell’s Gonzales Rangers, but was not incorporated until 1853. It was originally called Walnut Springs for the nearby fresh water sources. Just six months later the name was changed to honor Colonel Juan N. Seguin, one of Sam Houston’s ablest Lieutenants throughout the struggle for Texas’ independence. As leader of a dedicated group of Texans of Mexican ancestry, Col. Seguin participated in the great victory at San Jacinto. Later he served as a Republic of Texas Senator and as Mayor of San Antonio.

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