Oh Captain, My Captain: A Family Affair

Family: Some people never find it, some only hope to.

The fact is, little bits and pieces of family can be found in all different things and people, outside of blood relatives. It can be found in anything from a favorite class you may have taken to a weekly karaoke bar you may go to. It is the atmosphere of acceptance and support that gives you the sense of family.

This weekend I was able to once again return to an environment I have always felt the embrace of family, you guessed it, a convention. Through all the fuss and ornate guise, what it boils down to is a bunch of weirdos embracing what makes them happy. The one thing some people seem to forget that aren’t normally a part of this scene is that there are no rules (besides) not being a brute and putting down others). In other words, it doesn’t have to be restricted to one certain “fandom.” Your interests can be your own.

One group in particular stood out to me this weekend for embodying confidence in their individuality. I was able to become more acquainted with the group Airship Isabella. ASI is known as a very committed crew of multiple talents and abilities in the steampunk culture.

Captain Sir Cedric Greyhawk Whittaker serves as the frontman, navigating the crew past hardships with the utmost strength and care. I am very honored to have met him and hope to see him and the crew more often.

Growing up I was always the child with a lot of imagination, almost too much by certain people’s standards. I was a dreamer, one that would primarily lean more toward the strange and not fully understandable. At conventions, individuals like me in varying quantities are the majority. This is our Mecca, our holy land.

In an interview, one thing the captain and I discussed was finding where you fit in. That doesn’t mean to conform and lose yourself as an individual, but rather to embrace what you have to offer in your individuality with like minds that can appreciate and identify with you and your experiences. We agreed how important it was and how that sense of family is one of the deepest and most important bonds one can have.

It was amazing to meet someone that wholeheartedly believes in finding and helping others find that sense of completeness as I do. Regardless of the interest, whether it be steampunk or anything else for that matter, these people know and recognize that the bond they have is universal.
People, whether they get a weekend to revel in the weirdness or not, always need a place to call home; their own personal family.

For those that haven’t yet had the privilege to find theirs or that struggle against the streams to keep theirs, in the words of the Captain, “Keep reaching for the stars and don’t let anybody shut you down.”


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