I have been thinking about creativity for a couple of days now. I will probably be doing some video stuff on the subject soon, but just felt like writing about it first.

Some people think that creativity is something you are born with, and not something you can learn. I don’t think that’s true. Given the opportunity, I think anyone can be creative. The thing is, everyone is creative in their own way. Some things aren’t necessarily viewed as being creative in the eyes of society, but it really is.

I find my creativity through words. Some might find it in drawing, or pottery, or math, or language, or whatever. The possibilities are endless.

I have a story that I like to tell in regards to creativity. In school, there was a program called GT, which stood for Gifted and Talented. You would take a test to see if you qualified for the placement. All the GT kids were put in a class together and the course content was generally a little bit harder. They were viewed as the smarter kids. I took the test three times and never got in.

From this test, they would gauge how creative you were by giving you like thirty circles that you would then have to draw thirty different pictures in (you had like five minutes or so to do this). Another part i remember was a big bean that you had to incorporate into a bigger picture.

Don’t both of those sound drawing based?

So I failed the test three times, which sucked because it made me feel like I wasn’t smart. My mom apparently asked them why I never got into the program and they told her, “She’s just not creative enough.”

I didn’t find this out until many years later. And by that time I had already written like 6 novels and had one of them published. But apparently I’m “not creative enough”.

The test was drawing-based. I can’t draw worth anything, so of course I failed. I can image all sorts of stuff, but I can’t convey my creativity through drawings. I do it through words. Everyone is wired differently.

So if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, that’s not true. Find what you love to do, what takes your mind off of things, helps you relax, whatever, and make that your creative outlet.

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