Miltos is my Spirit Guide

Conventions have recently become a hobby for me. I began a few years ago when a friend invited me to go. The excitement, and frustration, that comes with the whole journey is one that is always appreciated in hindsight. This past weekend brought the nerdy rush once more, however with new privileges. This time we were able to get press badges allowing us to record panels and personally interview a few of the celebrity guests. With this newly acquired superpower I got to meet a man I am now proud to consider my spirit guide.

“Thank you so much for what you said about me. I truly appreciate it and am so glad I mean that much,” he said to me the next day after he favorited my tweet of his new spiritual status, followed with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. The man in question is Miltos Yerolemou.11800334_1033258060017894_584783350612932300_n

Humble beginnings, he informed me during his interview, of how he came to be. He was interested in anything and everything in the performing world and didn’t let anything stop him from dabbling in all of it. This spoke to me for as a mutual dreamer and eager learner, I have had the same passions. Acting, scriptwriting, directing, stand up comedy, I love it all and wish do it in the professional world.

I have been told before that this would be my demise.

By having too wide a range of interests, I have been advised that I would remain immobilized in life without having a single focus. I told Miltos of my admiration of someone having the same open interests as I and succeeding with it.
He told me that for a few moments in time the focus would have to be centered but that it shouldn’t be hindered completely. He said that by eliminating the yearn to be so artistically exposed is to “crush one’s spirit and dreams.” And that as long as you remain pure, passionate, and unafraid about everything you choose to put yourself into, the only result will be to thrive.

Miltos’ passion for what he chooses to be a part of is one of aspiration. Personally speaking it has touched me in a way that helps extinguish my fear and self-doubt.

In the words of his character Syrio Forel, “Fear cuts deeper than swords.”


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