Dead in the Dark

We are making a movie! And we need your help to keep our cast and crew fed and hydrated while they are out on the movie shoot. Anything and everything would be appreciated!

“Ben Davis took his five friends out for what he thought would be a relaxing Spring Break at his family-owned cabin. Now a person of interest, Ben begins to question what actually happened the night all his friends were killed.”


  • Ben Davis – Phillip Tieman
  • Lucy Harris – Trina Staats
  • Griffin Hughes – Luke Nelson
  • Kaleb Martin – David Soop
  • Reia Martel – Ora Cevallos
  • Audrey Hall – Emily Kleinjan


  • Director – Alyssa Tieman
  • Assistant Director – Connor Dillon
  • Writer – Alyssa Tieman
  • Cinematographer – Alyssa Tieman
  • Grip – Chandler Dillon
  • Make-Up Designers: Taylor Gardner, Tabatha Steakley Dillon, Ora Cevallos
  • Editor – Alyssa Tieman
  • Sound Designer – Ora Cevallos

We are having a movie premier Friday, August 14, 2015 at Black Forest Comics in Seguin, TX. The event is free to the public. We will have snack foods, cake, and posters for those that come out to the event.

Help support independent film. Thank you!

-Alyssa Tieman

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