Skaldic Media is the media production team of the Dillon Group, Inc. We take our name from the ancient Skalds, the Scandinavian storytellers who kept the culture alive through their epic tales of chieftains and warriors.

We provide event coverage, promotional content, filmmaking, and writing services.

Event Coverage

We cover events ranging from grand openings to national conventions, fundraisers to celebrations. Our self-contained, mobile media team documents the event, provides editing and publication services, and creates compelling content that captures the attention of your audience.

Promotional Content

We provide promotional content through video and graphics. We are story-tellers, and craft our work using evidence-based principles and practices to maximize the impact of your story.


We produce films that the your organization’s story, serials that keep you in your customers’ minds, skits that make you laugh, and short films that make you think. We create content that engages the mind and captivates the heart.


We aren’t just filmmakers, though. We write website copy, scripts, plays, fiction, non-fiction, educational texts, white papers, research reports, and short stories that bring truth to life.

What are you waiting for? Let Skaldic Media tell your story today! Contact us at 423.838.5095 or send us an email through the form below.

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